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These are some of the best places to get images, bars and backgrounds. Check them out and, oh yea, don't forget to sign thoseso that they will know you were there.

Draccs 123 Free Gifs Lady Oh's Is ClosedAnnie's World
Nancy's Gifs Granny O's Haven Of Gifs Big Daddy's Links
~Rexy's Place NaNaMar's Wonders Melissa's Free Gifs
Sandy's Nautical Gallery Elizabeth's AngelsCindy's Gifs for WebTV
Cyberkittin's Dream PageMr. Mom's Web SiteStag's Free Graphics
Taz's WebTV GifsPatrick's Free GraphicsThe Cottage

Pink GifsImaging ManMark's Backgrounds
Tigereye's Graphics-closedLady U. UnicornsSharrons Cover Page Gifs
The Gif FarmRon's Beach House-ClosedWolf Graphics
Annes PlaceSpot's Gif ArchiveAngelrose's Gif & Image Gallery
MiMeR's Galactic GalleriaKoffee's Gif ShopCubby_Bears' Den