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This is my list all of the great Gifs Sites, HTML Help Sites, Midi Sites and some NG Sites that I have found on the web. I am offering them to you and hope they help. If I have listed a site that doesn't want to be here, please, write to me and I will remove it ASAP also, if have a site that is a copyright and I missed it.

I don't want to offend anyone, I am just hoping to spread the word about all these great sites for others to share.

You can e-mail me by clicking on Grumpeeme below:

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These are some of the best places to get help with all this HTML stuff that you most likely have never heard of before. Don't let if scare you, take your time and learn from the best.

Annies Treasure BoxOwens4 ToolsJeri's Girl
Buds Tool BoxRon's Transloader 411Quick Find
Shrecks ShackLibby's WebTV 4 KidsRon's Homepage 411
Stncolds WebTV LinksDraac's School Of HtmlAlans Html Help
Harvillo's Finest HtmlKodeKracker's PlaceBruce's WebTV Help Pages
LL+ Help PagesWarp Speeds Html HelpSkiHounds WebTV Help Page
Paul Erickson's HtmlKathy's Banner HelpDomaina Freeoader

Please, keep coming back as I will be adding new sites on a daily basis as soon as I find them.


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