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This poem was written by Elizabeth Themer (Bobbie). It is about her sister Nancy and the sister across the states (that is me). Janet..I cried when I read this, but, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.


Life gave me a sister.

And, he knew.

Time would keep us apart.

Years went by, before we came to know.

That our love would bloom and grow.

Now, we try to bridge those years, you and I.

Not an easy thing to do.

We are so different, you and I.

But, at least we try.

Maybe, we are not as close as we should be.

Or, maybe not as close as we could be.

It was just a trick of fate.

But, I dont think it's ever to late.

So, lets keep this fragile love blooming.

With love and grooming.

Because, you are my sister.

Another sister we have.

Not one of birth.

She came to me, from out of the air.

To me, she was an answer to a prayer.

You haven't met her yet.

Nor have I.

But, she is as sweet, as the deep blue sky.

She feels my pain.

And knows the answers.

From so many states away.

Good morning, is how we start our day.

Her in a room many miles away.

Some times I feel her here with me.

The sister I can not see.

Can you love someone you will never meet?

Yes! with a different love, that's sweet.

What is her name, you ask?

It's Janet.

I hope and pray, before God takes me away.

We will get to see.

Our sister we will never meet.

Sisters, I love you both.


Thank you Bobbie, I love it..& You & Nancy...My sisters across the states.....~Janet~

This page added 2-3-1999 at 4:15 A.M.

We will meet on June 2, 1999----Great day!!!!

As time passed by.

It came to pass.

That God smiled on us.

And we will get to meet at last.

Added by E.Themer on 5/31/1999.